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Ravenheart Music: Interviews



I recently came across Gabriella Aleo ex IVORY MOON. I was interested in her new band ELARMIR after she sent me some videos, so we had an email chat. I have had to translate Gabriella's replies from Italian, so i apologise in advance for any grammatical errors etc.


Hi Gabriella. You was once in the band IVORY MOON but our paths recently crossed again on Facebook where we chatted about your new band ELARMIR. Can you give us some information about your new band, how it was conceived, and can we be introduced to the members of the band?
Hello! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to recapture my current musical situation again on your space. The band Elarmir is a reality that has been in the metal world for nearly ten years. The project was conceived by Alex Trotto leader, guitarist, multi-artist artist. I'm the voice of the band since 2016. John Toto is the other guitarist, and soon we will announce the new instrumentalists. We have had several line up changes over time.

Are any current band members involved in any other musical projects?
All of us as musicians have other musical projects alongside the Elarmir project, but Elarmir is one of our greatest priorities.

I believe that you have not released an album as yet. Is there anything in the pipeline?
The new album is under construction. I can anticipate that it will be an important feature of the music scene.

You have released some awesome videos on YouTube however. They look rather lavish and theatrical? Is this the style of music you will be pursuing on any future album release?
Thank you! The theatrical look and expression derive from being primarily an opera singer. I love the theatrical gesture, I find it elegant when it comes to metal. The style will always be elegant and playful for the new album but I do not want to reveal too much detail.

Who are the main songwriters within the band?
As I had already answered in the first questions, Alex Trotto leader, as well as being a song composer and album concept, also deals with vocal lines and texts, although many of his lyrics are authors of the cursed literature of end 800.

Were there any major headaches while filming these videos?
Turning your video clips is always complex: finding the right locations, look, make up and dress choices, framing, choosing the director best suited to the band's needs, logistics, time, and budget. In the Others we had the change of location due to a localization that was perky. We've changed everything but we've got a suitable fit for what we had created musically.

How would you describe your style of music to our readers?
The style is very wide but I try to describe it in a few words: our music has a prog death program but it is enriched with various contaminations. There is no lack of epic.

Can you explain the name ELARMIR to us?
Elarmir was chosen exclusively by Alex Trotto. It comes from a novel called "Tractatus Satanicus" and means: Angel of Violence.

When did you realise Gabriella that you wanted to be a singer in a Rock Band? And what vocal training have you had?
I've always had my soul divided into two: opera singer and rockstar. I also think the opera singer is a rock star on the stage. I want to tell you a short episode: One evening at the theater I saw an opera singer with whom I perfected vocals, on stage he was a real rock star. His attitude was rockstar though the music was not rock, I think it's a matter of charisma and talent that goes beyond the genre you're singing. Entering a band has realized the idea of being able to contribute vocally to a situation similar to my rock soul and this enriches me musically because I compare with others. I've studied a lot and always. I am currently trying to perfect myself as I can. My studies are of a classical layout but I have always been careful about the other side of me that is exactly that rock.

There is a strong rock and metal scene in Italy. Why do you think that this is the case?
There are many female and male bands and there are also good voices in Italy but not just in metal. I have some of my students studying with me and are great singers who lead as vocals in their metal bands, I mention two of them: Ida Elena De Breed of Bare Infinity and Roslen Bondì of Tothem. They care about their voice and are really beautiful and talented and it is a pleasure to hear their beautiful voices, I invite you to listen to them.

What do you think will make your band stand out from the rest of the female fronted crowd?
I believe that for years the audience and listeners have been accustomed to the feminine presence of metal lead vocals, and for this reason I do not consider myself the only one to sing this genre. I always try to distinguish myself with my two vocals, say that I have a personal style. The important thing is not to be discounted, you must always study, be strong, expressive, feminine and marvelous.

What music currently personally inspires you? And what are your band’s major influences?
I listen to metal at trip hop, soul. I try to contaminate more than I can to make myself personal as vocal. I inspired Opeth, Massive Attack, and Ghost, David Bowie, each one for different reasons. The influences of my band are the Opeth, Death, Meshuggah, Dimmu Borgir, SepticFlesh, Decapitated, Therion, Katatonia, Devil Doll, Blind Guardian, classic music.

If I was to wave a magic wand and give you a choice of touring with a specific band/s, who would they be? And are there any future gigs planned?
One name only: Opeth!
We are planning concerts in the future and the first will be dedicated to all our fans and friends who appreciate and follow us.

And what do you hope the future holds for ELARMIR?
The freedom to choose how to make our music is our present moment and will be our future. I hope the future can save so much satisfaction for us Elarmir who we live with music day by day. What each musician asks is to be able to play forever and live this, and we are what we want.

What style of music annoys you :)?
It does not bother me any style. Everything is beautiful if it is well done. It annoys me who sings badly, who does not respect music because it has bad taste, who mistreated the music improvising. Music is culture and enjoyment for the soul as well as for the ears.

And if you was not a singer, what would you be doing right now?
If I was not a singer I would not be alive. I hope I have so many lives to revive singer and spread my art.

Thank you so much for the chat Gabriella. Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of this website before we say “goodbye”?
I thank you for the pleasant chat and for the time you have dedicated me. I greet all readers inviting them to follow us. They can find us on our social channels Elarmir of FB, Instagram and Youtube. I mean Music is one of the seven beautiful arts, it's a daily communication act. Right now the world needs more music than wars, so do and listen to so much music like when you make love.
A hug to you and everyone

Thank you so so much Gabriella.
(Sep 21, 2017)