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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


I have known about HEXED from Sweden for a short while and I am honoured to have been given the files to their yet to be released album 'NETHERWORLD'. This is an awesome recording with a great production, that deserves to be brought to the attention of the record labels. I thought meanwhile that an interview would be in order, so I had a chat with Tina Gunnarsson, the band's awesome vocalist.

Can you firstly Tina introduce us to the members of your band?
First I want to express my gratitude about having this opportunity to participate in this interview. I'm also very happy to hear you enjoy the recordings of our upcoming album Netherworld. The awesome guys besides me in Hexed are Stellan on guitars, Daniel on the bass and Teddy on Drums.

Can you give us an insight as to how you all met to produce what to my ears is such awesome music?
Well we are both friends and family, Stellan and Teddy are my family and we have been doing music together for many years in other bands and constellations. We met Daniel in our circle of friends and musicians. We really love hangin out and making music together. The sound of Hexed is Stellans songwriting and my voice combined.

Are any band members involved in any other musical projects?
All of the bandmembers has been musicians in different projects and bands, but most recently me and Stellan did a music project a while ago with Diztord on a track called ”Feel just Fine” Our drummer Teddy is also active in a band called Loch Vostok.

You have already released the EP 'Exhaling Life'. Can you tell us a little more about this rather good EP?
The EP contains 3 tracks, we printed it for promotion and for reviews as it contains the track Exhaling Life that we recently released a video for. The EP are available to purchase digitally on iTunes, Spotify, amazon etc.

Regards 'Netherworld', where was it recorded and what was the recording process like?
Netherworld was recorded in our studio as well as the vocals was made with the producer Diztord in his studio. The process has taken a while because Life happened. Many wondered what and where we would take place with Hexed. We struggled with this recording while we we're mourning the deaths from some of our loved ones who left us too soon.

Were there any major headaches while recording?
The headaches was to proceed and find time to record the vocals. Diztord had small amount of time working in Stockholm and us working 100 % daytime. So many miles and many hours later the vocals was set. Totally worth the time spent!

I should say so. How do you feel personally about the new record?
Personally I am so pleased with the record. All the time we spent on the recordings was really good because many changes was made and we gave ourselves the chance to change, cut and add. We could think it over and over again before it was ready.

How would you describe your music to our readers?
I like to describe it as metal with strong and powerful vocals with a bit of symphonic, progressive, guitar oriented layer to it and catchy!

Can you explain the name HEXED to us?
The fascination of Life, mystique and supernatural and the unknown was coming to our minds when we were writing the music and the lyrics. We also wanted the listeners to somehow know there is a female and metal touch to that name, right? We really want our fans to literaly be Hexed by the music.

And also the meaning of the title of the EP 'Exhaling Life' and the meaning of the title of the unreleased album 'Netherworld'?
Exhaling Life is about being cursed. Like we visually tried to describe in the video. Exhaling Life contains too much suffering and burdens. In the end of her life she feels the relief that its over, as a start for something new, not in a religions way though. Netherworld is a album made out of life itself, Netherworld is a place we don't want to be in, but when we rise from it we rise stronger than ever.

When did you realise Tina that you wanted to be a singer in a Rock Band?
Wow, well i did this since a very young age and have done it in other bands as well. I always wanted to sing and to be honest I dont remember doing anything else with such a satisfaction as singing metal!

And what vocal training have you had?
I never had a vocal training. I am self taught, but i have always been singing rock, metal, jazz, blues and more to train and have the best outcome of my own voice and never to be satisfied, just push it to the limit!

There is a strong rock and metal scene in Scandinavia, particularly Sweden and Finland. Why do you think that this is the case?
I guess the winters bring a lot of productivity regarding music, we have a strong and true metalcrowd since many years. What else can you do if you're not into skiing or skating when its damn freezing out there.

Lol! What do you think will make your band stand out from the rest of the female fronted crowd?
The vocals and the guitar oriented music as well as the catchy choruses.

What music personally inspires you?
Everything between ABBA and Fleshgod Apocalypse, I'm inspired by great melodies and good quality in music.

And what are your major influences?
Our influences are Pagans Mind, Queensryche, Kamelot, Crimson Glory and Kate Bush.

If I was to wave a magic wand and give you a choice of touring with a specific band/s, who would they be?
That would definitely be Queensryche and Kamelot.

And what do you hope the future holds for your band?
We believe in Hexed, releasing our album and create our fanbase and just being in the musicscene as much as possible.

What music do find just plain annoying :) ?
Todays rap artists lyrics that contains all the retarded and evil lyrics about Women. Rap was good in the eighties.

And if you was not a singer, what would you be doing now?
A gardener maybe, I just love the feeling of life and growth of nature and observing the seasons change.

Thank you so much for the chat. Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of this website?
I want you to be Hexed. Listen to the music and its lyrics and make the songs your own. We wrote it to be metaforic so anyone could relate to it. And it would be awesome to have you in our fanbase, be sure to follow us at our social sites as FB, instagram, Twitter, and if you do, please invite everyone that you also think would be Hexed by our sound! Thanks a LOT for reading this and stay metal .
Dave Smith (Jun 15, 2017)