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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


Some music came my way a few days ago from a Polish musician, living in Germany who teaches English to German school children. She goes by the name NINA ROSE. Musically I liked what I heard, so I sneaked an interview with her.

Hey Nina and it is my pleasure to do this interview with you. Can you tell me how you became interested in becoming a musician and give us some more information about your musical background?
Hi, Pleasure is all mine, thank you. Well, it all started many years ago, I’ve always loved singing. My writing began when I was a teenager and at first I was writing poems as the way of expressing myself. Then gradually, I started coming across musicians looking for a singer/songwriter. I gave it a chance and wrote lyrics to the first song - it worked, and in that moment I realised simply that I loved it. The ability to express my feelings and emotions through creating a song gives me freedom and brought my writing to the next level.

The style of music that you have sent me has a laid back feel and to my ears is totally beautiful, similar to the more laid back output of the Canadian artist LEAH. Are you to be seen as a solo artist or is it a band project?
I’m glad that you persive my music as laid back. Yes - I am a solo artist, however I have been working with other talented artists and musicians on some different projects.

How would you describe your music to those unfamiliar with it
That’s not easy to do, because I’m not strictly fockused on one Genre when writing or working on arrangment. The last thing I’d like to happen would be putting my music into a box with a name on it. My music is influenced and determined by my mood, people around me, situations, highs and lows of everydays’ life. A close friend of mine described my music in 3 words only - Beautiful Melodic Masterpieces. I liked it. I’m gonna keep it that way :)

And do you write your own music?
I do indeed. All of the lyrics have been written by me. Very often it happens that I’d come up with the melody and lyrics at the same time, recording it acapella. That’s actually exactly what happened with ‘I will be there’. One evening I was having a long hot bath. All of a sudden I started singing the melody and the words followed soon after. Lucky enough I learned to take my voice recorder everywere I go, and within approx. 15 minutes the song was ready done in it’s raw acapella form. Some other times I get my husband to work with me on the melodies and together we work on the arrangment.

Have you had any media reaction to what you have recorded so far?
Sadly I have to say yes and no. I’ve sent my songs to some radio stations, however non of them agreed to put them on air. I received a very good feedback on songs, but the fact that I didn’t record my tracks in some prestigious and well known studio - doesn’t help.

Do you have any fave tracks from what you have recorded so far, and if so, why?
They’re all my favourite and there are many more on waiting list which haven’t been recorded yet. The thing is that each and everyone has a special meaning me. They all tell different stories and have been influenced by specific situations around me. I don’t think I could choose between them.

I know it all comes down to finances etc, but are there any plans to release an album in due course?
I’d love to release an album, and I will be working towards achieving that.

Has there been any label interest?
No, not just yet.

Have you had any vocal training and how do you keep your awesome vocals chords on top form?
I have worked with some different vocal coaches, which I am very fond of. As to my vocal chords - I practice singing.

Would you say that an image is important to an artist/band?
Absolutely it is. Fans associate themselves with an artist or a band and therefore it’s very important to keep the image right.

One would assume that music does not pay your bills, so do you have a dayjob and if so, what do you do to pay those dreaded bills?
You’re absolutely right - music does not pay my bills. I currently teach children English as foreign Language in primary school here in Germany.

What by and large are your musical influences?
Well the list of my musical influences could be endless, as I look up to many musicians and bands in different Genres. Having to choose one or two would be impossible for me.

And what are your fave bands and what do you listen too when you chill out and relax?
Again, not an easy question to answer. I love so many different bands. I’m affraid that if I started listing them I’d miss some.

If some one waved a magic wand and gave you the choice to tour with a solo artist or band, who would they be?
Haven’t thought of that before. I’d tour with Glen Hansard - I admire his work.

Finally, what are your ambitions for 2016?
I’d like to record more of my songs, maybe release an album. But moreover I’d like reach the larger audience with my music.
Dave Smith (Jan 26, 2016)