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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


Lisa of Canadian rockers Damsel Fly (pictured above) and accoustic rockers Mojave, has been around since the conception of Ravenheart Music. I fell in love with Damsel Fly's cd 'What Lies Beneath' when I obtained a copy two and a half years or so ago now. The cd picked up an 8/10 review on my website, and continually visits my cd player. Lisa has become a good email friend of mine, and we have chatted on the phone on the odd occasion aswell.

'What Lies Beneath' will now get UK distribution via Ravenheart Music, as I feel it is about time the music lovers of the UK discover what they have been missing out on. Now, I feel the time is right to interview young Lisa....

Basically Lisa, what made you get into music in the first place, and what were your influences?
I can't honestly remember a time when music wasn't a part of my life- my mom said I was singing before I was talking. My parents were huge music fans and I can always remember music played in the house-everything from Elvis, The Stones, The Beatles, CCR and even ABBA. The first album i personally owned was Twisted Sister-'Stay Hungry'-it changed my life.

Regards the band, can you tell us why the name Damsel Fly?
We were trying to come up with a name for months and everyone at the space we rehearsed at knew we were looking. A guy named Big Dave watched a show on bugs the night before and was super stoked on the Damsel Fly and how pretty it was. He told us about it and we all completely agreed-that was the name.

For those totally unfamiliar with your band, how would you describe the music of Damsel Fly?
There are little bits of everyone's influence in the music-Hard rock, Metal, Punk. It's super melodic with aggressively charged lyrics.

You have an awesome side project - Mojave. Can you tell us more about this project? And the name :) ?
Mojave started a couple of years ago as an acoustic side project of mine. It was initially just Paul (the guitar player from Latitude) and me writing acoustic songs on the beach as an a mellow release from our hard rock bands. We felt they needed to be recorded. Long story short we've been touring that album 'Stories' non-stop in both Canada and the US with a second album on the way. The response to Mojave has been amazing! And the name came from the desert in the southwestern United States.

And with regards Mojave, is there any label interest being shown as yet from your side of the big pond?
There was quite a bit of interest in the band. After looking at a few deals here in Canada we decided it was in our best interest to start our own label and deal with the business ourselves. So we started Black Canvas Records. ( We are currently reviewing some options for a deal in the UK.

Can you tell us more about the songs on the Damsel Fly record and perhaps a heads up on the songs on the Mojave album -the current album and the new one that is in the pipeline.
Damsel Fly was one big outlet to my sometimes interesting and somewhat disastrous love life. People always ask me why I'm so angry...I guess after looking back at some of those lyrics from 'What Lies Beneath' I can see why ;) I'm a pretty happy person. I get all of my anger out when I'm writing and it's amazing how things just melt away. It's my therapy. Mojave's first album sounds a lot different from the Damsel Fly one - I got a lot out of my system and what was left was a more mellow side of me. I think that definitely shows. The new Mojave album however, I can honestly say is an amalgamation of both the dark and the light.

And what was the studio experience like?
Both Albums were recorded at Ear Art Music Studios by Producer Tim Neuhaus. The experience is always great there. It's such a relaxing
creative environment. We show up with our guitars and some Jack Daniels and work our asses off!

And do you have any fave songs on either of your albums?
'Let You Go' and 'No Way Out' from 'What Lies Beneath' will always be my favorites. I may have a few new ones to add to list after the new album is recorded though;)

By and large, what is the rock/metal scene like in Canada?
There are some amazing bands here in Canada. We've been fortunate to share the stage with quite a few of them. A lot of those bands we've met on the road-Canada does have a lot to offer the world's rock/metal scene.

The UK has always been seen as the birthplace of rock and metal (The Beatles, Led Zep, Ozzy etc), but the scene here could be stronger. What are your expectations of the femme rock/metal scene as a whole in the UK, Europe and across the USA & Canada?
There are some really strong femme rock/metal bands in Canada but from our perspective it really seems like it's the UK that's got it going on. Although there is talent here, it seems like there's more of a scene out there. The grass is always greener, right?

I agree! When you are not making music, how do you chill out?
I love to surf, it's the only way I can truly let go.

Presumably, you would if given the chance, like to take either Damsel Fly or Mojave on the road. What band/artist would you just love to tour with and hang out with?
No question-Killswitch Engage!!!

I know you well enough know to now that was gonna be the answer! Anyway, good luck Lisa in all your furture endeavours. We at Ravenheart wish you all the very best for the future. Finally is there anything that you would like to say to anybody across the world via this website?
Check out the new Mojave album 'Crow's Funeral' coming out May 30!

Mojave can be checked out at Damsel Fly at And Mojave will be touring Canada real soon. The dates are on this site! Thanks Lisa and hopefully will see you over here soon!
Dave Smith (Mar 11, 2009)