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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


The desire of a woman... mixed with the blood of a she-monster... is CHARACULA! Rather intrigued by this simple statement from this Californian based lass, I just had to get an interview, I got bitten in the process, but here it is!

Hi from a cold UK, and how are you?
I’m doing fine, thank you. The only time it gets cold over here is when Hell freezes over :)

Can you fill our readers in about you as I doubt there are many over here in the UK that know about you?
Of course, I would love to.

I want to talk about your name CHARACULA, can you fill us in about the name?
Characula is my given name. My mother was a huge Dracula fan!

Do you have the desire of a woman :) ? And do you have the blood of a she-monster :)?
It depends on what you look like. Sometimes it’s the other way around ;)

What made you become a musician in the first place?
My father gave me his old harp after he vowed he would never play it again. From there I moved to piano and flute and eventually singing.

And who/what are your musical influences?
Gregorian chants and Motley Crue

You have a single called Mummy Dance which I love - can you tell us more about the single, the video (link to video here) and how you came about the theme of the video itself?
The “Mummy Dance” song and video came about by way of my travels through Egypt and my love for dead people and spiders. They are truly inspirational.

Do you have an album in the pipeline, and if so will the album be in a similar catchy style to 'Mummy Dance'?
Yes, I do have an album in the pipeline due out early next year. All of the songs are absolutely orgasmic. One should expect no less from Characula!

I just love your hair that I have seen in some those pictures on Facebook. Is that for real? :)
In answer to your question, my hair is not photoshopped.

What is the music scene like in California at the moment?
Is there a music scene in California?

And what music do you sit down and listen to when you are chilling out?

And if you could support a top artist on tour, who would that be? Alice Cooper

Apart from music, do you have any hobbies?
Carving notches into whatever’s available.

And if you was President for the day, what would you change?
Characula has all the power she needs over man. Whatever the little people decide to do with their country is okay with her.

Many thanks for the chat, before we go, is there anything you would like to say to readers of this website?
I’m counting the days until I arrive in the UK and see what’s available… for dinner. Love, Characula

I look forward to it - thanks and keep well
Dave Smith (Dec 10, 2013)