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Ravenheart Music: Interviews


Just recently, I had an offer to interview Pamela Moore. And I am no fool. So I said "yes please". Now, not only is Pamela enjoying a succesful solo career, but she is also the voice of Sister Mary on Queensyche's 100% awesome 'Operation Mindcrime' concept album, and has also appeared on stage with Queensryche. She is a very lovely lass, and the interview is below. So do yourself a favour and read on. It was a real pleasure.....

Dave: Hi Pamela, it is a real honor for me to be given this opportunity to interview you.
Pamela: Thank YOU... I am honored to be here!

Dave: I know you from Queensryche, who are awesome faves of mine, and of course, you have a solo career as well. Would you like to fill me in about your solo career, and tell me about your releases which I believe date back to around 1981?
Pamela: Well, my pride and joy has been the opportunity to portray the roll of Sister Mary in the Queensryche Operation Mind-Crime 1 & 2 albums, but as you mention, I have a solo career which spans most of my life beginning when I was a very young girl! In 1980, I signed to a label in Seattle called First American Records and put out my first 2 solo records. 'Take A Look' and 'You Won't Find Me There' were very POP Oriented. I think billboard magazine penned me as the next 'up and coming blue eyed soul artist' whatever that means (laughs). These first solo records were VERY different from the recordings I am known for today but became a starting point for me and with the regional success I received from them, I was able to branch out into other musical projects and styles, such as being hired to sing for many TV and Radio Commercials. In fact, it was a radio advertisement I sang that sparked the attention of Queensryche!

Dave: And thinking back, what made you get into the music business in the first place?
Pamela: At a VERY early age, my mother introduced me to the world of theatre. At that time, she was involved in acting and directing plays for a little theatre in our community. She would take me with her to the rehearsals and casting calls and I became so fascinated with it all....The whole process! Lights, costumes, etc.... It was a little girls dream, my very own "land of make believe" where I could tap into my ever growing creativity! The whole experience stayed with me, obviously.

Dave: Lovely! Fast forward to 2008 and I believe there are some big names on 'The Blue Room'. Can you tell me as to what musicians feature on this awesome record?
Pamela: Thank you... and yes, I was blessed with some major talent on that record, beginning with Neil Kernon, producer, (Queensryche, Nevermore, etc) My friend and brilliant musician, Benjamin Anderson (Rorschach Test, Missionary Position), Jeff Loomis, (Nevermore), Terri Nunn, (Berlin), Michael Wilton, (Queensryche), Jason Kowalski, (N17)

Dave: And where did you record the CD, and how was your experience in the studio?
Pamela: We recorded the basic tracks and mixed the CD at this fabulous, all inclusive recording studio called Sonic Ranch, near El Paso, Texas. I love the vibe of this place and it's so conducive for writing and recording because you live at the studio! The house is a sprawling, rustic, mexican style ranch home with nicely appointed individual rooms. You wake up, roll out of bed, have some coffee, breakfast and walk to the studio which is just a few steps away from the house on the same property! Such a relaxing concept instead of having to worry about driving through traffic to get there! This was my first experience working in an all inclusive studio and I loved it so much! We also worked in a studio in Seattle called Lang Studios...very nice!

Dave: I indeed have 'The Blue Room' and I am constantly playing it, and it was given an 8.5/10 review on this website. For those unfamiliar with this release, how would you describe the music that features on this record?
Pamela: Wow, 8.5/10? Thank you!

Well, 'Stories From A Blue Room' is definitely a Rock record but enhanced with some very atmospheric synth programming and electronic "ear candy"! It has been noted by many (with a lot of positive feedback) as a very new and fresh sound. Not a sound anyone has really heard before...different. The lyrics come from a very personal side, reflecting experiences of love, divorce, sex... Its sensual with lots of mid tempo songs. The kind of record to 'make love' to ... (sheepish grin) I think one journalist called it "Sensual Rock"...

Dave: I really never thought of it like that :). Spanning back over your past releases, do you have any tracks on any of your recordings that you particularly like, or any that perhaps you now dislike?
Pamela: Most of the songs I've recorded I am proud of in one way or another, maybe my only dislike would be those songs that might have more of a "dated" sound. But...dated or not, these recordings are a chronicle of my life and show my growth as a performer/singer/ songwriter. I might be more partial to the more recent songs of Blue Room because they show more depth of the person I am today. I don't know... I guess my favorite songs seem to change with my mood... (laughs)

Dave: Unless one has been living in a cave for some years, we all know about you and your appearance as Sister Mary on Operation Mind-crime. I have never met Geoff Tate, but I find that guy's voice amazing. What was he like to work with in the studio, and in a live environment.
Pamela: Geoff is a TRUE performer/singer/songwriter! He gives 110% in EVERYTHING he sinks himself into. The opportunity I have had to sing at his side has been very inspiring whether on stage or in the studio! I have learned a great deal from him too! He is a class act and very comfortable to be around. In fact, I feel this way with all my band mates in Queensryche! It has been a wonderful time for me and I am very grateful!

Dave: Queensryche to my ears are an awesome band, and I love all their music. Moving on, has there been any other musical projects that you would care to let Ravenheart Music know about?
Pamela: I am so happy you asked me because I am a very busy girl! AND I LOVE IT! 1. I just completed 2 debut shows in the Chicago area with my new live solo band, called PMB! The shows were a big success and we look forward to more intense bookings this next spring/summer of 2009! 2. I am featured guest singer on a new EP coming out this month. I share vocals with the very talented and gifted singer, Mr. Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) We sang together on a killer ballad called "Feel Alive" and Ralf also sang on one other song. The CD is called Solna and is the brain child of Mr. Zane Peterson of The EP, Solna "Sent From Heaven", is set to be released this December and features 6 songs, while the full length CD Solna "Eurameric" should be out sometime next year, 2009. ( ) 3. I am featured on another new single with a band called Eden's Curse. The title Track, "Angels and Demons" has been getting some very extensive airplay and the record has been getting rave reviews. Apparently, at the time of this interview the record titled: Second Coming, just charted Number 32 in Japan! ( And if that isn't enough.... 4. I am currently writing for another solo CD of my own that we hope to have completed and released by Fall/Winter 2009! The new material for the record is a lot heavier than Blue Room, with more of a "industrial rock" feel to it and so far, Im very excited with the first draft songs we are coming up with... !!!

Dave: A new solo album from you is something I will truly look forward too. Regards the Queensryche release...'Mind-crime At The Moore,' I know the answer to this one, but for anybody not in the know, do you or any relatives own The Moore Theatre?
Pamela: Hahahaha... NO. It's a beautiful old theatre though... in fact, I was told it was haunted too? (grin)

Dave: As a female in what is still regarded in some quarters as a male-dominated genre, was there or is there ever a problem with you being taken seriously as a musician?
Pamela: In general, I have been blessed with a certain amount of respect in this industry. I am sure my association with Queensryche has a lot to do with that but I am still grateful for it. Having said that, I do believe the media, whether it be the music industry, TV, Radio or the film industry, is notorious for glorifying the superficial components of women and not usually the depth we have to offer. However, I have seen a change over the years because many women have changed and as long as women continue to stay true in their heart, find a sense of humor in life and not take things too seriously while continuing to show compassion and honesty, the respect will follow in kind... It doesn't happen all the time, but I believe if we ALL show each other respect, we receive the same.

Dave: The female fronted rock/metal scene here in the UK could be stronger although it is ok and is growing. What are your expectations of the rock/metal scene as a whole in Europe and across the USA?
Pamela: There certainly is a renewed female presence isn't there? I LOVE the combination of a female vocal against heavier rock undertones! I am encouraged to see more of this coming to the foreground too! Besides, a woman's touch is always nice in any type of situation, don't you think? (Big Grin)

Dave: Musically and spiritually who/what are your inspirations?
Pamela: Spiritually...Life! Life experiences, Personal experiences... the world and the climate we are in politically and emotionally. Quantum physics....
Musically, I am drawn to a well written song that has passion and emotion to it. It really doesn't matter the style of music or who the artist is, it just has to have some kind of true passion to it and some sort of vibe whether it's heavy or light!

Dave: And what band if given the chance would you just love to tour with or hang out with?
Pamela: U2! Bono has such a presence. I would love to spend a day with Bono and his band mates. Watch they're writing process evolve...

Dave: U2! Bono's vocals sends shivers down my spine!! All I can say is good luck in all you do, and we at Ravenheart wish you all the very best. Finally is there anything that you would like to say to anybody across the world via this website?
Pamela: I wish you and everyone at Ravenheart lots of love, good health and success for the new year! Thank you for doing what you do for us, the musician/artist. Its people like you who help provide us the forum we need to get the word out and of course it goes without saying we very much appreciate your efforts! On behalf of all my fellow musicians, thank you for the gift of exposure! I also wish for all my fans, friends and fellow musicians a very safe and a prosperous new year, 2009. See you next year! Please check out my websites, and . I always try to answer every email, (schedule permitting) and would love to meet all of you someday!

Cheers! Much love, pamela moore.

Thanks Pamela...we love you!
Dave Smith (Dec 16, 2008)