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Ravenheart Music: Music

Akoma - 'Bittersweet Memories'

Blackthorn - 'Posthumous Passion Ephemera'

Blue Dawn - 'The Hell I Am'

Camilla Raven - 'Coming Alive' EP

Crimson Chrysalis - 'Letters From The Edge'

Dama - 'Eliot (Dreamlike Version Re-mix)'

Dama - 'Rainy Roads' (Album Track)

Edenfall - 'Obsidian'

Electric Lady - 'Your Heart Is 100 Times Bigger Than Mine'

Electric Lady - 'Secret Love'

Fern Fox-Palmer - 'Fault'

Gabriel - 'Gabriel'

Gabriel - 'Requiem Aeternam'

Gabriel - 'Hounds From Heaven'

Gabriel - 'Presence of Angels'

Gabriel - 'Unforgiven'

Indigo - 'Struck'

Indigo Darkpsych - 'Not The End'

Indigo Darkpsych - 'Shining Inside'

Infinitus Mortus - 'Plain Hearts'

La-Ventura - 'Song For An Idiot'

LEAH - 'Illusion'

Mirror Of Dreams - 'Inside The Silver Pearl'

Nina Rose - 'I Will Be There'

Only We Remain - 'Chase Me'

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